Air, Hotel, Car Rental and Rail program negotiations and management is a time consuming process for many travel managers. The airline and hotel industries are fragmented with a multitude of supplier options. GTM plays a hybrid consultative role for our clients and the development and enhancement of their existing program. GTM currently negotiates vendors on behalf of several large, medium and small organizations globally. Where possible, GTM leverages the global aggregated production of our clients in vendor negotiations resulting in better pricing and conditions for our clients. In tandem the monitoring and benchmarking of the program is essential to track compliance to the preferred program and travel policy, ensure best in class pricing, ensure preferred vendor agreements are being supported and production targets are met.


GTM is proficient in managing global hotel RFP programs of any size. The objectives of any hotel program is to ensure the geographic coverage of hotel options have been achieved, category of properties selected meet the company’s requirements and most importantly the program through increased compliance yields cost savings to the company. GTM works closely with the Travel Manager to analyze the existing program, preferred vendors and pricing and works together to develop a best in class preferred hotel program. Our clients are provided access to the GTM online RFP tool allowing transparency in the RFP process and real-time updates. Monthly hotel production metrics are reviewed with the Travel Manager to ensure the program has gained ample traction and is being adhered to or if modifications are required.


Members of the Executive Team at GTM have held Senior Executive positions with some of the largest domestic and international airlines in the world. Gaining this perspective, experience, knowhow and relationships from these roles help to set GTM above our competitions capabilities in arena. The consultative talents available through the GTM on air negotiations and program management are unparalleled. GTM currently holds direct negotiated fares with over 60 global carriers and is well poised to assist our clients with strategic direction to enhance their program.